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  1. 2,000 boxes of special chocolates to promote Matsumoto’s Shitsuren Chocolatier drama got sold out in less than 5 MINUTES.
  2. The lip-balm used by Aiba during Baba Arashi segment in VS Arashi 2014 New Year SP suddenly became no.1 on the sales ranking after the episode was aired.
  3. Sakurai’s birthday present for Aiba, a blanket that costs 39,900 yen, got sold out everywhere after it was mentioned on TV last year.
  4. Sakurai’s Kazoku Game drama promotional campaign, “Call this number and Yoshimoto Kouya will answer you”, was cancelled the next day after it’s launched because the number was spammed by too many people.
  5. A newspaper reported that Arashi Live Tour Love last year helped to raise the domestic flights rate by 8.4%.
  6. The 5 trees that represented Arashi in JAL CM last year attracted so many people that the land of Hokkaido where the trees located became a tourists destination. The farmers later had to plant another tree because some ill-mannered fans went to invade the land without permission and stole the tree branches.
  7. With Sakurai Sho as their endorser, JINS! claimed that their annual sales rise by 60%.
  8. 4 shrines all over Japan that COINCIDENTALLY named after the members become so popular as Arashi fans think they’ll get Arashi concert tickets if they pray there. 
  9. Ninomiya starring movie “Platina Data” created its own record as the movie that had been mentioned most number of times on twitter in 24 hours last year.
  10. Publishing companies claimed that Arashi helped  their magazine sales to boost a lot that whenever they are on the cover, most of the magazines have to be reprinted.

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Aiba+overall+baby kangaroo= kangaroo mama! (or big pervert)

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I’m gonna carry this torch for you brother, with a forced smile on my face and Im gonna open my heart just cause your telling me to.
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  • HanaDan reenact on Arashi ni Shiyagare [14.07.2012]

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